What is Aegypti-Atlas??

Aegypti-Atlas is an interactive database that provides a comprehensive atlas of the transcriptome of different regions/tissues (head, thorax, abdomen, Malpighian tubules, ovaries, gut) of the female yellow fever mosquito, Aedes aegypti. In addition, you will find region-specific RNAseq data for the mosquito gut (crop, proventriculus, anterior midgut, posterior midgut, and hindgut).

How to search Aegypti-Atlas?

To search the expression profile of any gene, start typing the vectorbase identifier (AAEL…) or gene name. In addition, this database also relates each Aedes gene to its closest Drosophila ortholog (identified as the best one-to-one reciprocal blast). Aedes genes can therefore be searched by these Drosophila orthologs using their Flybase identifier (FBgn), CG number, or Drosophila symbol. For more comprehensive (one-to-many or many-to-many) Aedes-Drosophila ortholog analyses, check the Resources tab.

If you would like to compare or plot multiple genes, hit 'add' after each gene instead of submit. Once you have your full list, click submit.